Writing an effective and clear job description can help greatly increase your chances of attracting a valuable employee. It provides an outline of the company, the goals, mission statement, core values, strategy and what is expected of the candidate in the role. It also creates a guideline for questions that both parties can ask during the interview process. This in turn helps assess the skill set the individual brings and what is required in the role to determine if you have found the right fit.


Include a description of the company’s goals, vision and growth strategy, and how the company plans to achieve these goals.

List the expectations and responsibilities for the position.

Outline the firm’s expectations of the employee in the first 180 days of employment in this role.

What skill set is needed to be successful in this role including both technical and soft skills?

Who will be their direct supervisor and their role within the company?

Is there travel required and if so, how much?

Include your location and if there are multiple branch offices.

What is the compensation package? Include work hours, benefits, holidays, potential incentives, sign-on-bonus, reimbursement for relocation and any other additional perks.

In today’s competitive labour market candidates need to know what makes your firm stand out compared to your competitor’s and what makes you special and why they should consider joining your team.