Before a search can begin, Perkins Professional Search (PPS) takes a very detailed approach to understand the search criteria and evaluating the potential candidates. Our philosophy is to work with clients and candidates who want to create a long-term strategic alliance with our firm.

      • The first step is meeting the client to determine the specifications of the role. This is a critical part in the relationship; it allows both parties to determine a customized strategy for each search. From this, a detailed job profile is created. We work with our clients to discover the key elements about their organization, identify their goals, core values, culture and strategy.
      • We determine the specific skill set and candidate credentials that are required for success for our client. We want to know the attributes our clients feel are important in a prospective employee.
      • PPS communicates the process, time frame and guidelines that are adhered to when identifying potential candidates.


Candidate Search: PPS uses its network of resources and experience in identifying the best selection of candidates for your organization.

Candidate Censoring: This is the initial assessment phase of the candidates. We conduct phone interviews to identify the most promising of the talent pool. In this stage we eliminate individuals who do not meet the criteria identified to be a good match for your organization.

Interviewing: We conduct in-depth, face-to-face interviews with all candidates (telephone interviews if geographically not feasible) to assess the candidates on a deeper level, uncovering their skill and knowledge base, experience, aspirations and achievements.

Candidate Presentation: We present you with a short list of the best potential candidates and begin introductions.

Interviewing Process: As mediator between you and the potential candidate(s), we schedule all communications including initial interviews, second interviews, and candidate follow-up and de-briefing.  After candidates have been short listed, we then conduct reference checks upon request.

Presentation of Offer: We can be a catalyst during this critical stage. We provide support to both the client and candidate during the offer phase.  This ensures that the negotiations run smoothly and that all information is clearly communicated resulting in a win for both parties.  At this stage, we also counsel candidates on the reasons why counter offers should not be considered at this time.

Post Offer: We are committed to following up with both client and candidate after their start date and during their guarantee period to ensure that successful “on-boarding” is occurring and a successful match has been made.

Guarantee: All of this is backed by a 90-day people replacement guarantee, whereby within the first 90 days of employment, if the selected candidate is not suitable, then PPS will provide a one-time replacement for that position at no cost.


Contact Perkins Professional Search (PPS) today to discover how utilizing professional recruiters can save you time and money by building a solid foundation of employee talent that will bring your organization a strong return on investment for years to come. Your company deserves the best; let PPS be your most valuable partner!