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Professional recruiters spend a lot of their day thinking about interviews. Whether it’s interviewing someone ourselves or sending the individual out to meet with a new organization. One thing that is for certain is that everyone needs help learning how to interview; from entry-level assistants to top management, and everyone in between. Don’t let anxiety and nerves get in the way of what could be your next big opportunity.  Make sure you are prepared so you can make an amazing first impression. Here are the 3 biggest concerns to overcome…



The easiest way to impress an interviewer is to focus on making their job as easy and pleasant as possible. Nothing frustrates a potential employer more than having to poke and prod you to get the information they need.  Give concrete and specific examples to the questions that you are being asked and for brownie points… tell a story! If the interviewer wants to know about your sales process, walk them through the details of a complex or demanding sale that you’ve done. Guaranteed, they will respond better than if you clinically described a step-by-step process.



How to bring up salary in an interview seems to be a huge concern with almost every candidate. No one seems to be entirely sure how to address the elephant in the room, and with good reason; interviewing for a new job can be stressful enough without having to worry if you are pricing yourself too high or too low. The simple answer is, you don’t. Always wait for whoever is interviewing you to bring up the issue of compensation, never be the first to talk about it.  More often than not, salary expectations will not go unaddressed during the interview process if they are interested in you.

When the topic of compensation does come up, vague or fluffy answers won’t cut it here…be honest and specific! A good place to start is to tell them what you are earning in your current role. There seems to be a huge stigma in our society of sharing exact compensation, even with people who are responsible for making you an offer! Being open and honest about your current salary and future expectations are refreshing for an interviewer to hear, and it will prevent misunderstandings or disappointment when you do get your offer.



The thank-you note is the finishing touch to the interview process and it is often overlooked. Make sure you always get the business card of everyone who was a part of the interview, so you can send them a quick thank you email when you get home. The thank you note should be brief, concise, and genuine. Thank them for taking time out of their day and write a few lines about your confidence in your ability to perform in the role. You can also bring up your excitement in moving to the next step, this gives them a quick way to respond to you afterwards with the next steps so you are not left waiting for a phone call. Did you have a connection with your interviewer about something in particular? Throw that in too! Shared connections in the industry, hobbies, or even favourite dog breeds, can be something to reference in the thank-you note to help build your rapport with them.


PPS works hard with all of our candidates to make sure that they are fully prepared for their interviews to make a fantastic first impression with their potential employers.  Let us be a part of your next career move and send us your resume today …your next dream job is just a step away!


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