SOCIAL MEDIA as a RECRUITER - May 8,20150 comments

Hiring for a particular position used to involve writing a job posting and placing textually efficient ads in newspapers, then sifting through an enormous pile or resumes until you found a few potential interviewees. Nowadays, your candidates are looking online for their next great job, searching career and company websites for their next position. The vast majority of job-seekers are tech-savvy and spend a good portion of their lives online, so they can certainly be found on social media.

For example, Facebook is currently the largest social media site with over 400 million users. That’s 11.5 times the population of Canada. If you’re planning on going it alone, where would you even start? How do you weed through all of that to find your new candidates?

Social media and networking is relatively new when compared to the old way of doing things, and have many as-yet unwritten rules of conduct. These are some powerful tools that are often being misused. Jobseekers cite gross invasion of privacy as a pitfall of social media recruiting, and employers often find that the staff they’ve found using social media are not the ideal candidates they thought they would be hiring. If you were to post your position and ask your connections to help you find someone to fill it, are you really getting the best possible candidate, or are you going to be hounded by one of your best customers to hire his niece?

That’s where PPS comes in. We are a highly qualified recruitment firm which specializes and excels in finding and placing the right staff for your organization. We can customize our searches based on very specific parameters to hone in on the right person for your company. This will save you a lot of time and frustration, in addition to helping you find the perfect candidate.

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