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Five Unexpected Places to Find Talent

The job pool is saturated, and before you can even read through the first résumé on your favorite recruiting website, all of the best talent has been hired. The problem is that all of the other employers are looking in the same place you are for qualified candidates.

You need to look where no one else is looking.

There are a few unconventional places where you can find your elusive virtuoso. Below is a list of five places you may not have even considered, but may be just where you need to identify the perfect person to add to your team.

You may recall being fresh out of school, wide-eyed and eager to find your place in the world. Summer students and interns who are already in your office are a great place to start your search. They know your business, they are skilled, and you’ve already worked with them. In an interview, you are getting a somewhat idealized picture of who you are talking to. They are presenting their best possible self, telling you essentially what they think you want to hear. They are also nervous. Hiring someone you already know helps to minimize any surprises you might encounter when hiring from an interview situation.

What better place to look for great employees than the untapped talent who selflessly volunteer their time for the greater good? These people are self-starters who are learning invaluable interpersonal skills that can be an asset to your workforce. In our last blog post, we mentioned the benefits of volunteering. Maybe you know someone from your own volunteer work who would be a great fit in your office?

People with special needs are often overlooked as ideal candidates to fill employment vacancies. There is an incorrect assumption that these people require a great deal of accommodation, and are therefore more expensive to employ. The fact is, the differently-abled offer a glimpse into areas in which our businesses could improve to become more inclusive and diverse. They can also teach us about solutions to problems that we may never have thought of. It is to our benefit to learn as much about different kinds of needs as possible, as all kinds of different people make up our customer base.

Your customers use you because they know your product or service and they like it. Dip into your client pool and see if there’s anyone you would want to work with. You’ve already got their support and you may have someone on your list who is downright passionate about what you do. Having employees with a passion for their work is an asset to any workplace.

Professional recruitment is our business. We will connect with you to find out who you are and who you need to add to your workforce to make it stronger. Then we’ll help you find them. Contact us to discover how we can save you time and money by building a solid foundation of talent that will bring your organization a strong return on investment for years to come.

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